If something we have in Latin America are typical dishes, because we can find an average of at least 10 dishes per country, this due to the amount of cultures of which this beautiful region of the world is composed, so here we tell you about four typical dishes Latin Americans who are quite healthy.



Originally from the Andean region, mainly from Peru and Ecuador, it is a dish that contains only 100 calories and is very easy to prepare because with only spinach, chopped white onion, chopped scallions, two cans of corn, vinegar, salt, Black pepper, breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese, you can consume a dish rich in fiber and minerals, prepare in the oven to give a crispy touch to all its ingredients and to melt the Parmesan cheese.



Ceviche is a very healthy dish of Peruvian origin, since it contains quite healthy foods such as potatoes, corn and fish, thus contributing to our body proteins, vitamins, minerals such as phosphorus, iron calcium and magnesium, in addition to carbohydrates that we they will give energy for our day to day, ideal elements to improve our health.



The Argentine roast is one of the most desirable Latin American dishes worldwide, this is because it is made with meat matured for a certain time, usually roasted only with some salt, and sometimes with some marinade made with natural products , this makes that at the moment of ingesting it we contribute to our body carbohydrates that give us energy for our daily life, in addition to a high dose of animal protein, one of the most important in the nutrition table according to the world health organization, and good fats for our body.



The filled arepas are from Colombia and Venezuela, recognized worldwide as one of the best foods from these countries, as well as its delicious flavor, are of great nutritional contribution, since they are made from a mass composed of water , a little salt and corn flour, one of the cereals considered as superfoods, this due to the great advantages this gives to our bodies, these masses are roasted without any fat, therefore they do not contain cholesterol, Afterwards, different foods are filled, such as stews, cheeses, meats or shredded chicken, also providing healthy fats, carbohydrates and proteins.


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